Terms & Conditions

Yep, they're coming soon. They'll be hosted on GitHub once ready.

Privacy Policy

Also coming soon. This'll also be hosted on GitHub once ready.

Can I sign-up?

Not yet. All signups are paused whilst we finish building the MVP of these APIs.

Is this real money?

Testbank allows you to simulate bank accounts & transactions:

  • At no time are you handling real money.

  • At no time can you receive money from real-world accounts.

  • At no time can you send money out to real-world accounts.

But if you do manage to send money from Testbank to a real-world account...

Please open a GitHub issue immediately - that's quite a serious world-changing glitch you've stumbled onto, and we should probably patch that quickly.


  • Feel free to open an issue detailing your query, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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